About Us/Contact

You can contact TORCH Toronto via email at info@orchallenge.com
You can contact TORCH Montreal via email at torchmtl@gmail.com
You can contact TORCH Waterloo via email at torch@uwaterloo.ca

Host Institutions

The same contest is held at three institutions. Registration is handled separately at each institution.
Make sure to apply to the correct (closest/most accessible) hosting institution!

TORCH Toronto is hosted at the University of Toronto, St. George Campus (locate with Google Maps)
TORCH Montreal is hosted at Concordia University (locate with Google Maps)
TORCH Waterloo is hosted at the University of Waterloo (locate with Google Maps)

TORCH Global Leadership

Daria Terekhov – Founder
Interested in sponsoring TORCH or starting TORCH at a new location? Contact: daria.terekhov@concordia.ca

The 2020 TORCH Executive Team

Carolina Riascos-Álvarez – President
Moira MacNeil - Creative Editor & Treasurer
Arnoosh Golestanian – Creative Lead
Sherry Xie – Creative Lead
Simon Huang – Automation Lead
Hamed Shourabizadeh – Operations and Logistics Lead
Gautam Dawar – Operations and Logistics Lead
Suting Yang – Operations and Logistics Lead
Benjamin Tham – Communications Lead
Sriram Ananthula – Photographer / Social Media Lead

Haard Parikh – Co-President
Nayan Patel – Co-President
Basak Tozlu – Creative Co-Lead
Huy Duong – Creative Co-Lead
Yingcong Tan – Automation Lead
Chafik Amer-Ouali – Logistics Co-Lead
Humsheer Sandhu – Logistics Co-Lead
Taieb Ben Thabet – Outreach Lead
Alyana Tejada – Social Media Lead
Abhay Shivanagere Anilshankar – Volunteer Lead
Owoeye Femi – Webmaster
Taieb Ben Thabet – French Spokeperson

Danielle Ripsman – Co-President
Rebecca Rayner – Co-President
Justin Toth - Creative Lead
Joshua Gunter - Creative Lead
Julian Romero - Creative Lead
Meagan Flus – MC
Shivang Bavda – Co-Operations Coordinator
Jyotsna Dalal – Co-Operations Coordinator
Aliaa Alnaggar – Outreach Lead
Nada Saiyed – Communications Manager
Chengcheng Jiang – Automation Lead
Professors Ada Hurst and Ricardo Fukasawa – Staff Mentors

Past Executive Members:

Kyle Booth – President & Chief Creative Coordinator
Emma Zhang – Operations Lead
Shahriar Haghani – Operations Lead
Bristi Chowdhury – Communications Coordinator
Meredith Free – Operations & Logistics Coordinator
Carolina Riascos – Operations & Logistics Coordinator

Carlos Zetina – President
Yingcong Tan – Automation Lead & Question Writer
Madalena Valiente – VP Finance
Gurkirat Kaur – Logistics Coordinator
Humsheer Sandhu – Logistics Coordinator
Chafik Amer-Ouali – Logistics Coordinator
Haard Parikh – Logistics Coordinator
Mohamed Elaradi – Question Writer
Huy Duong – Question Writer
Prassana Ramamoorthy – Question Writer
Mohammad Hasan Aghdaie – Question Writer
Ehsan Sharifnia – Marketing
Shayan Tavakoli – Marketing
Abeer Amayri – Outreach
Owoeye Femi – Webmaster

Danielle Ripsman – President
Natalie Winger – Organization Coordinator
Zeynep Bulbul – Editor-in-Chief
Fahimeh Rahimi – Chief Creative Coordinator
Aliaa Alnaggar – Outreach
Anahita Jam-Torki – Chief Information Officer
Rebecca Rayner – MC
Tony Fang – Treasurer
Prof. Ricardo Fukasawa – Staff Mentor
Prof. Ada Hurst – Staff Mentor

Carlos Zetina – Co-President
Gabriel Vanasse – Co-President
Rosemarie Gonzalez – Chief Information Officer
Elizabeth Gauthier – Chief Information Officer
Yingcong Tan – Chief Creative Coordinator
Rafik Boutouchent – Operations & Logistics Coordinator
Chafik Amer-Ouali – Operations & Logistics Coordinator
Hiba Zakane – Outreach Liaison
Abeer Amayri – Outreach Liaison
Madalena Valiente – VP Finance

Kyle Booth – President
Jennee Tjew – Vice-president
Margarita Castro – Chief Creative Officer
Alexia Yeo – Editor-In-Chief
Ranjith Kumar – Operations & Logistics Coordinator
Chang Liu – Outreach Liaison

Danielle Ripsman – Co-President
Cynthia Waltho – Co-President
Kevin Ding – Treasurer
Karan Shastri – Chief Information Officer
Ritika Rao – Chief Information Officer
Remziye Kitapli – Chief Creative Coordinator
Siyu Ma - Operations & Logistics Coordinator
Mohammad Abbas – Operations & Logistics Coordinator
Allison Jacobs – Operations & Logistics Coordinator
Zoe Nahmiash – Operations & Logistics Coordinator
Aliaa Alnaggar – Outreach Liaison
Xiyan (Sherry) Guo – Outreach Liaison
Prof. Ada Hurst – Staff Mentor

Sarah Farahdel - Co-President
Carlos Zetina - Co-President
Cuomba Sakho - Vice President Finance
Rafik Boutouchent - Operations Coordinator
Hiba Zakane - Creative Coordinator
Gabriel Vanasse - Editor In Chief
Emilie Chapleau - Marketing Coordinator
Annabelle Weitzner - Marketing Coordinator
Abeer Amayri - Outreach Coordinator
Yingcong Tan - Webmaster and Automation Coordinator

Christopher Sun - President
Neal Kaw - Vice President
Rejuana Alam - Systems Director
Amanda Zhang - Chief Financial Officer
George Huang - Director of Operations
Jennee Tjew - Chief Creative Officer
Bryden Smallwood - Chief Communications Officer
Kyle Booth - Chief Information Officer
Justin Boutilier - Systems Director
Sean He - Creative Officer
Ben Leung - Financial Officer
Chang Liu - Event Planner
Ben Potter - Event Planner

Jeffrey Pak – President
Anitha Jeremiah – Co-VP Operations
Rejuana Alam – Co-VP Operations
Quincy Poon – VP Communications
Philip Mar – Co-Chief Creative Officer
Danielle Ripsman – Co-Chief Creative Officer
Sebastian Kosch – Chief Information Officer
Aloagbaye Momodu – Chief Information Officer (Shadow)
Elodie Rachel Mok Tsze Chung – Event Coordinator
Christopher Sun – Event Coordinator (Shadow)
Isabelle Rubenstein – Volunteer Coordinator
Benjamin Leung – Treasurer
Slay Wright – VP Communications (Shadow)
Clara Stoesser – Editor-in-Chief
Ahmed Swedan – Editor-in-Chief (Shadow)
George Huang – VP Communications (Shadow)
Neal Kaw – Chief Creative Officer (Shadow)

Yazan Alaboudi – Event Coordinator
Anitha Jeremiah – Event Coordinator (Shadow)
Quincy Poon – VP Communications
Carly Henshaw – Co-VP Operations
Jeffrey Pak – Co-VP Operations
Maliheh Aramon – Editor-in-Chief
Tony Tran – Chief Creative Officer
Danielle Ripsman – Co-Chief Creative Officer
Philip Mar – Chief Creative Officer (Shadow)
Sebastian Kosch – Chief Information Officer
Heyse Li – Logo and Flyer Designer
Daria Terekhov – President

Laurent Caudrelier – Treasurer
Wen-Yang Ku – Chief Creative Officer
Quincy Poon – Vice President Communications
Stephan Trusevych – Chief Information Officer
Janet Sung – Vice President Operations
Daria Terekhov – Editor-in-chief
Stephan Trusevych – Chief Information Officer
Tony Tran – President

Sebastian Kosch
Daria Terekhov
Tony Tran
Maliheh Aramon Bajestani
Wen-Yang Ku
Christian Muise
Peter Miasnikof
(May have left out some people-documentation is quite old!)

Daria Terekhov
Tony Tran
Maliheh Aramon Bajestani
(May have left out some people-documentation is quite old!)

Daria Terekhov
Tony Tran
T.K. Feng
Maliheh Aramon Bajestani
Maher Alhossaini
Christian Muise