About Us/Contact

The 2018 TORCH Global Leadership

Daria Terekhov – Founder

The 2018 TORCH Executive (Montreal)

You can contact us via email at torchmtl@gmail.com

Carlos Zetina - Co-President

Gabriel Vanasse – Co-President

Rosemarie Gonzalez - Chief Information Officer

Elizabeth Gauthier - Chief Information Officer

Yingcong Tan - Chief Creative Coordinator

Rafik Boutouchent - Operations & Logistics Coordinator

Hiba Zakane - Outreach Liaison

Abeer Amayri - Outreach Liaison

The 2018 TORCH Executive (Toronto)

You can contact us via email at info@orchallenge.com

Kyle Booth – President

Jennee Tjew – Vice-president

Margarita Castro – Chief Creative Officer

Alexia Yeo – Editor-In-Chief

Ranjith Kumar – Operations & Logistics Coordinator

Chang Liu – Outreach Liaison

The 2018 TORCH Executive (Waterloo)

You can contact us via email at torch.waterloo@gmail.com

Danielle Ripsman - Co-President

Cynthia Waltho – Co-President

Kevin Ding – Treasurer

Karan Shastri – Chief Information Officer

Ritika Rao – Chief Information Officer

Remziye Kitapli – Chief Creative Coordinator

Siyu Ma - Operations & Logistics Coordinator

Mohammad Abbas - Operations & Logistics Coordinator

Allison Jacobs - Operations & Logistics Coordinator

Zoe Nahmiash - Operations & Logistics Coordinator

Aliaa Alnaggar – Outreach Liaison

Xiyan (Sherry) Guo – Outreach Liaison

Past Executive Members:

2017 (Montreal)
Sarah Farahdel - Co-President
Carlos Zetina - Co-President
Cuomba Sakho - Vice President Finance
Rafik Boutouchent - Operations Coordinator
Hiba Zakane - Creative Coordinator
Gabriel Vanasse - Editor In Chief
Emilie Chapleau - Marketing Coordinator
Annabelle Weitzner - Marketing Coordinator
Abeer Amayri - Outreach Coordinator
Yingcong Tan - Webmaster and Automation Coordinator

2017 (Toronto)
Christopher Sun - President
Neal Kaw - Vice President
Rejuana Alam - Systems Director
Amanda Zhang - Chief Financial Officer
George Huang - Director of Operations
Jennee Tjew - Chief Creative Officer
Bryden Smallwood - Chief Communications Officer
Kyle Booth - Chief Information Officer
Justin Boutilier - Systems Director
Sean He - Creative Officer
Ben Leung - Financial Officer
Chang Liu - Event Planner
Ben Potter - Event Planner

Jeffrey Pak – President
Anitha Jeremiah – Co-VP Operations
Rejuana Alam
Quincy Poon – VP CommunicationsPhilip Mar – Co-Chief Creative Officer 
Danielle Ripsman – Co-Chief Creative Officer
Sebastian Kosch – Chief Information Officer
Aloagbaye Momodu – Chief Information Officer (Shadow)
Elodie Rachel Mok Tsze Chung – Event Coordinator
Christopher Sun – Event Coordinator (Shadow)
Isabelle Rubenstein – Volunteer Coordinator
Benjamin Leung Treasurer
slay Wright – VP Communications (Shadow)
Clara Stoesser – Editor-in-Chief<
Ahmed Swedan – Editor-in-Chief (Shadow)
George Huang – VP Communications (Shadow)
Neal Kaw – Chief Creative Officer (Shadow)

Yazan Alaboudi – Event Coordinator
Anitha Jeremiah – Event Coordinator (Shadow)
Quincy Poon – VP Communications
Carly Henshaw – Co-VP Operations
Jeffrey Pak – Co-VP Operations
Maliheh Aramon – Editor-in-Chief
Tony Tran – Chief Creative Officer
Danielle Ripsman – Co-Chief Creative Officer
Philip Mar – Chief Creative Officer (Shadow)
Sebastian Kosch – Chief Information Officer
Heyse Li – Logo and Flyer Designer
Daria Terekhov – President

Laurent Caudrelier – Treasurer
Wen-Yang Ku – Chief Creative Officer
Quincy Poon – Vice President Communications
Stephan Trusevych – Chief Information Officer
Janet Sung – Vice President Operations
Daria Terekhov – Editor-in-chief
Stephan Trusevych – Chief Information Officer
Tony Tran – President