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The 2017 TORCH Executive (Toronto)

Hi! We are the TORCH team, consisting of graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and faculty at at Concordia University and the University of Toronto. We work in the discipline of Industrial Engineering.

You can contact us via email at info@orchallenge.com

Chirstopher Sun – President

Neal Kaw – Vice-president

Kyle Booth – Chief Information Officer

George Huang – Director of Operations

Chang Liu – Event Planner

Ben Potter – Event Planner

Justin Boutilier – System Director

Clara Stoesser – Editor In Chief

Amanda Zhang – Chief Financial Officer

Jennee Tjew – Chief Communications Officer

Bryden Samllwood – Chief Communications Officer

Philip Mar – Chief Creative Officer

Sean He – Creative Officer

The 2017 TORCH Executive (Montreal)

You can contact us via email at torchmtl@gmail.com

Carlos Zetina – Co-President
OR to me is the perfect example of how powerful Mathematics really is. It has shaped my form of thinking, acting and planning. Now, every day I optimize some scheduling and routing problem, run multi-start algorithms to accomplish my goals and use heuristics to make the next decision in my day to day mundane routine.

Sarah Farahdel – Co-President

Rafik Boutouchent – Operations Coordinator
OR is a life style. I believe we use mathematics in our daily life more often than we think, whether for having the best products at the lowest prices, or choosing which path to take to go home. OR is not just some theoretical mathematics that can be only used on a piece of paper, it provides all the support and information needed for all kinds of decisions making. OR is an art of living.

Coumba Sakho – Finance Coordinator/Treasurer
Graduated in business administration and specialized in procurement, I'm holding the position of strategic buyer within the Bombardier group. While understanding the operations research methods for my projects with Torch, I realized the impact of this process within the international companies and how advanced analytical methods like OR can improve the decision process in globalized environment.

Annabelle Weitzner – Co-Marketing Coordinator
I am finishing up my third year in Industrial Engineering undergrad and am excited about exposing younger students to my field of study! OR has affected my daily life and activities when thinking about scheduling and cost reduction problems.

Emilie Chapleau – Co-Marketing Coordinator

Hiba Zakane – Chief Creative Coordinator
Operations Research is the art of exploiting at best the available resources, an art that is supported and blessed by the fascinating discipline that measures common sense: Mathematics. OR challenges me in infinite ways; it is present in my daily decision making processes and allows my imagination to create reality.

Ouafa Hammoutene – Creative writing
Mathematics have always found a way to mesmerize me with their multidimensional beauty. I am currently doing a PhD in Mathematics and plunging amid the chaos of numbers and patterns has never been as exhilarating. OR has reshaped my perception of the world as the endless possible enhancements unfold everyday; it also brings a unique awareness of the enchanting complexity of one's existence.

Gabriel Vanasse – Editor/ Creative Writing
From a young age I was fascinated by problem solving, from puzzles and games, to real life phenomena. I have followed my passion and am currently completing a Master of Industrial Engineering at Concordia University. OR has taught me the skills and knowledge necessary to break down complicated problems and find their optimal solutions.

Saif Rahman – Creative Writing
I first came to notice the power of OR when I applied it on a real case problem. I have always been a huge soccer fan and as part of a project during my undergrad I took an attempt to optimize the penalty shot in soccer that is a crucial part of the game. It was the first time that I could combine two things that I love- sports and mathematics. I do not think a lot of fields can do that and I realized that was just the surface of what OR can lead to. Currently I am pursuing a Masters degree in Industrial Engineering, everyday exploring complicated problems via OR.

Mohammad Hasan Aghdaie – Creative Writing

Yingcong Tan – Creative Writing/Webmaster/Automation
I graduated from University of Toronto with a bachelor of bio-medical engineering. Throughout my work in hospital, I realized that many healthcare organizations often face the challenge of meeting patient demand with limited resources. Many different strategies have been proposed and applied in healthcare systems targeting at this problem of meeting patients’ demand. And I am convinced that operations research is the key to solving this type of problems. Thus, I completed my Master degree at Concordia University in Industrial Engineering, and I am currently working on my Doctoral degree mainly focusing on optimzation in healthcare system.

Abeer Amayri – Logistics Volunteer

Hossein Vaghefi – Logistics Volunteer

Chafik – Logistics Volunteer

Michell Sfetcu – Public Relation Volunteer

Past Executive Members:

Jeffrey Pak – President
Anitha Jeremiah – Co-VP Operations
Rejuana Alam
Quincy Poon – VP CommunicationsPhilip Mar – Co-Chief Creative Officer 
Danielle Ripsman – Co-Chief Creative Officer
Sebastian Kosch – Chief Information Officer
Aloagbaye Momodu – Chief Information Officer (Shadow)
Elodie Rachel Mok Tsze Chung – Event Coordinator
Christopher Sun – Event Coordinator (Shadow)
Isabelle Rubenstein – Volunteer Coordinator
Benjamin Leung Treasurer
slay Wright – VP Communications (Shadow)
Clara Stoesser – Editor-in-Chief<
Ahmed Swedan – Editor-in-Chief (Shadow)
George Huang – VP Communications (Shadow)
Neal Kaw – Chief Creative Officer (Shadow)

Yazan Alaboudi – Event Coordinator
Anitha Jeremiah – Event Coordinator (Shadow)
Quincy Poon – VP Communications
Carly Henshaw – Co-VP Operations
Jeffrey Pak – Co-VP Operations
Maliheh Aramon – Editor-in-Chief
Tony Tran – Chief Creative Officer
Danielle Ripsman – Co-Chief Creative Officer
Philip Mar – Chief Creative Officer (Shadow)
Sebastian Kosch – Chief Information Officer
Heyse Li – Logo and Flyer Designer
Daria Terekhov – President

Laurent Caudrelier – Treasurer
Wen-Yang Ku – Chief Creative Officer
Quincy Poon – Vice President Communications
Stephan Trusevych – Chief Information Officer
Janet Sung – Vice President Operations
Daria Terekhov – Editor-in-chief
Stephan Trusevych – Chief Information Officer
Tony Tran – President